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Payroll Processing

  • With CPRI, you have a choice to run payroll remotely or have our experts take care of it for you.
  • With world class expertise, our payroll specialists process payrolls, make changes and updates promptly, and are available at one ring of the phone!
  • CPRI offers hundreds of reports for big companies, small companies, and anything in between.
  • We offer a user-friendly payroll system capable of facilitating all of your payroll demands quickly and efficiently.


  • We all know that taxes can be confusing. But here at CPRI, we are dedicated to eliminating your risk of any unfulfilled tax obligations.
  • Whether at the local, state, or federal level, navigating tax requirements at any level can be a daunting task and an inefficient use of company time and resources.
  • As a growing business, you’ll want the Complete Payroll Resources tax professionals on your side for timely tax registrations and payments as well as solutions to a wide range of tax questions and issues that may concern you.
  • Utilizing our comprehensive tax service, you will be able to truly focus on growing your business more efficiently.

CPRI Comprehensive Tax Service Includes:

  • Calculating, filing, depositing and reconciling your payroll tax in accordance with federal, state, and local guidelines
  • Stress-free quarterly reporting
  • W-2 filing and year-end procedures
  • Easy access to our committed tax professionals for proactive payroll tax assistance
  • Keeping you current on all tax laws and regulations

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Thanks, Complete Payroll Resources, for your excellence in customer service, support, electronic and service efficiency! I am thrilled with your level of payroll expertise and it is greatly appreciated.




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