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Complete Payroll Resources Inc. was created with the acknowledgement that the economy is made up of many types of businesses with unique needs and requirements, yet all share one thing in common: the need for efficiency. Whether it is time efficiency, labor efficiency, or monetary efficiency, small and large businesses alike need a name and a service that they can count on. Since 1989, our staff has provided first-class customer service and comprehensive payroll resources and solutions for each one of our over 500 clients in the Tri-State area. With the world economy growing more complex and more competitive by the day, we have seamlessly evolved and transitioned into a reliable human capital management center capable of meeting any and all 21st century demands.

What We Do

We may have started as a payroll company, but we are now much more than just a payroll company. We are a human capital management company. With some of the most innovative and intuitive minds in the business, we offer a wide range of services such as:

  • Quick and Easy Payroll Processing
  • Human Resources 
  • Tax Filing & Compliance
  • Timekeeping

Our Promise

With our human capital management expertise and technology, we are prepared to provide you with the tools and services you need to maximize your business’ efficiency. We always answer our phones and you will never have to wait on hold to speak to one of our experts. This is only part of our first class service, which also includes:

  • Personalized, and expert customer service
  • Fully integrated human capital management solutions
  • Exceptionally affordable pricing

Information Confidentiality and Security

  • Complete Payroll Resources Inc. (CPRI), a payroll processing firm, is located at 2501 Monroe Boulevard, Suite 1100, Audubon, PA 19403.  All payroll related processing functions are performed in-house utilizing several IBM e-servers in conjunction with our application software, Evolution.  All information regarding our clients and employees is considered confidential, and as such is only shared on an as needed basis such as, Federal, State, and Local taxing authorities.  This is done only for the purpose of paying and filing all taxes, as well as answering any related inquiries by a particular taxing agency.  In addition, CPRI provides direct deposit facilitation, third party payment for court adjudicated judgments, pension reporting and payment services for our clients, when specifically directed to do so, in writing, by our clients.
  • Password protection safeguards the entry into Evolution. Evolution is protected by bank-level security. To date, no Evolution user has ever been breached.
  • Evolution is the proprietary software of Isystems, a provider of payroll application software, located in Burlington, VT.  CPRI is one of approximately one hundred Evolution users across the United States.  Isystems provides all technical maintenance of Evolution including but not limited to the following:
  • Updates of all changes to federal, state and local tax laws.
  • Efficiencies in the relationship between our application software (Evolution), our system software programs, and our hardware.
  • Maintenance of all history files and records.
  • Complete and total back-up of all files, record, and data, for the purpose of disaster recovery.
  • CPRI is contractually bound to not share any information of any kind regarding our clients and their employees.  Any exceptions require written consent by our client or a judicial judgment.

Richard J. Eisenmann, CEO

With CPR supporting us every step of the way, we are always confident that when we have a problem or question, we will be assisted immediately by a person that we actually know.




An Industry Leader in Human Capital Management

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